Archaeology, Dragons and Hillforts

Last week I got to take in the views of the most dramatic and beautiful valleys in Wales. I went on a two day field trip to the National Trust offices at Craflwyn, a foothill of Snowdonia (

 After a very early start on Thursday morning we arrived at Craflwyn to meet with some other members of the National Trust archaeological team. After a brief catch up and team meeting we set off to explore some of the local archaeology.


The team keeping an eye out for dragons.

First up on our sites to visit we went to check out the home of the Red Welsh Dragon. After a brisk walk up the hill side we arrived at Dinas Emrys, the site of the ancient hill fort. Dinas Emrys was first occupied in the Iron Age and then again in the 12th century, but the site is also shrouded in mythical tales of King Arthur and Merlin and is supposedly home of the legendary Welsh Red Dragon.

The site is currently part of an EDRF funded heritage program to bring to life the history of the site (you can find out more about this here

Day 2 of our field trip and another walk around the foothills of Snowdonia, this time to Hafod y Llan to view construction of the new hydro electric power scheme. The walk took us a short distance along the course of the river whilst taking in dramatic views of Mt Snowdonia, unfortunately not enough time on this trip to make it to the top though.

After a hearty lunch we set off on our long drive back to Swansea in South Wales but I will be back soon to conquer Snowdonia!!!


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