Romans in carmarthenshire

On Saturday the 20th of July I gave a presentation at the Carmarthenshire County Museum as part of their celebrations for the Festival of British Archaeology. The theme for the day was the Romans and I gave my talk on the Dolaucothi Gold mines, the only known Roman gold mines in Britain, found right here in Carmarthenshire, South Wales.


The Ogofau Pit: the Largest of the Open Cast Pits at Dolaucothi.


The Lower Adit at Dolaucothi, used by the Romans to extract gold from the hillside

 Dolaucothi is one of the most archaeologically rich sites owned by the National Trust so there was plenty for me to talk about here. I focused my talk on how the Romans used water to make such a success of extracting gold from the site and the discovery of the water wheel fragment found in the 1930’s 100ft below the ground.

This was the first time I have had to give a presentation outside of education and was by far the longest, I am more used to my presentations lasting around 15 minutes! So to say I was a little nervous before hand would probably be an under statement.

I spent the lead up to the presentation visiting Dolaucothi, going on guided tours and the Roman workings and reading up as much as I could on the site…. All of which seemed to pay off!!

Once I got up in front of the audience the nerves quickly disappeared and everyone listened intently. Everyone seemed to enjoy it with lots of questions and discussion at the end.

I very much enjoyed giving this presentation and now that I know I can do it I look forward to the next opportunity!

You can check out Dolaucothi here…..


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